torsdag 31 januari 2019

Mina favoritprestationer - 1971

Mina tio favoritprestationer från året. Observera att det inte nödvändigtvis är de jag tycker är bäst, men de jag gillar mest eller som satt sig mest.

Uppdatering: Glenda Jackson (Mary, Queen of Scots) ersätter Donald Sutherland (Klute). 2/10-19

Richard Attenborough (10 Rillington Place)

Som seriemördaren John Christie.

Michael Caine (Get Carter)

Som den hårdkokte brottslingen Jack Carter.

Clint Eastwood (Dirty Harry)

Som San Francisco-snuten Harry Callahan, även kallad "Dirty Harry".

Andrew Robinson (Dirty Harry)

Som den psykopatiske mördaren "Scorpio".

Warren Beatty ($ / Dollars)

Som den sluge säkerhetsexperten Joe Collins.

Arthur Brauss ($ / Dollars)

Som den elake narkotikalangaren "Candy Man".

Gene Hackman (The French Connection)

Som kriminalinspektören Jimmy "Popeye" Doyle.

Jane Fonda (Klute)

Som Bree Daniels, en callgirl i New York.

Glenda Jackson (Mary, Queen of Scots)

Som den manipulativa drottning Elizabeth.

Peter O'Toole (Murphy's War)

Som Murphy, som vill hämnas en tysk u-båt.

Andra som var med i diskussionen:

Fernando Rey (The French Connection)
Roy Scheider (The French Connection)
Ruth Gordon (Harold and Maude)
Donald Sutherland (Klute)
Timothy Dalton (Mary, Queen of Scots)
Nigel Davenport (Mary, Queen of Scots)
Ian Holm (Mary, Queen of Scots)
Patrick McGoohan (Mary, Queen of Scots)
Vanessa Redgrave (Mary, Queen of Scots)
Al Pacino (The Panic in Needle Park)
Lee Grant (Plaza Suite)
Barbara Harris (Plaza Suite)
Walter Matthau (Plaza Suite)
Maureen Stapleton (Plaza Suite)
Mia Farrow (See No Evil)

6 kommentarer:

  1. MY TOP 10

    01) - Richard Attenborough (10, Rillington Place)
    02) - Gene Hackman (French Connection)
    03) - Timothy Bottoms (The Last Picture Show)
    04) - Cloris Leachman (The Last Picture Show)
    05) - Jeff Bridges (The Last Picture Show)
    06) - Scott Wilson (The Grissom Gang)
    07) - Geoge C. Scott (The Last Run)
    08) - Sean Connery (The Anderson Tapes)
    09) - Ellen Burstyn (The Last Picture Show)
    10) - Cybill Shepherd (The Last Picture Show)

    1. Interesting to see that half of your list consists of The Last Picture Show actors. Solid film and acting, but didn't leave that much of an impression in me.

      Only film/performance I haven't seen is The Grissom Gang/Scott Wilson.

    2. Yes! Missed this list... I have also seen The Anderson Tapes and The Last picture show. Of all films from 1971 mentioned on the two list The last picture show is clearly the best film, in my humble opinion. :-)

    3. I've seen The Last Picture Show twice and was somewhat underwhelmed both times. Not bad at all, but just not that memorable in my eyes.

      The Anderson Tapes was one I had some hopes for as I had read the book. Unfortunately nowhere near the book, though fun to see Sean Connery and a young Christopher Walken in a (lesser) Sidney Lumet film ;)

  2. I haven't seen so many movies from the old days so it's pointless to list performances. I use to track which movies I have seen 8at all) when I comment on these posts. That's the level of participancy suitable for me...

    Have only seen: Get Carter, Dirty Harry, The French connection and Klute. All quite good but not top line. My rating is 3/5 on all of them I think.

    1. That sounds wise if you haven't seen that many films from a year.

      As for the four movies you mentione, well Dirty Harry and The French Connection are 5/5 or close to it for me. Get Carter and Klute are -4/5 for me.